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The Financial Fallout of Common Law Relationships in B.C.
February 21, 2019
Ending a relationship is rarely easy, but ending a relationship as a common law couple can be a bit more difficult due to the province’s laws on the matter. Here is an overview of the current legal landscape in B.C.
Choosing an Executor for Your Estate? Read This First
February 21, 2019
Naming an executor is one of the most important aspects of your will. Choosing the wrong person for the job can make things messy, complicated and difficult for your beneficiaries. To help you make the best possible decision, we have compiled expert tips from our wills and estates lawyers in New Westminster.
Think You Don’t Need a Will? Think Again
February 21, 2019
Whether you’re 28 — or 82, having a document in place outlining how you want your assets to be distributed and who will take care of estate in the event of your death can ensure your legacy lives on the way you want it to. Creating a will can also make things much easier for your loved ones after you pass.
What Is Probate? We Thought You’d Never Ask…
February 21, 2019
To put it simply, probate is an official process that establishes the validity of a will and confirms the appointed executor for the estate. An executor is the person named in a will to be in charge of settling your affairs.