drafting A Will and A testament


A will must be well drafted with an eye to the future to ensure that it meets your estate planning goals and provides adequately for your loved ones. Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to advise you based on your unique circumstances and to make sure that your assets are organized appropriately to pass in accordance with your will and your wishes.

A will is an essential part of your estate plan, however, it does not stop there. The lawyers at LMN Law Group can advise you with respect to preparing documents to assist you in planning for your future and achieving peace of mind, such as:

Power of attorney - allows you to appoint someone to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf;

Representation agreement - allows you to name a person to make personal care decisions and some health care decisions;

Advance directive - allows you to state your decisions about accepting or refusing health care treatments, including life support or life-prolonging medical interventions, directly to a health care provider; and

Trust agreement - allows you to create a special legal relationship where the property is held by a responsible person(s) for the benefit of one or more people, which can be a helpful tool for asset protection, estate, and tax planning purposes.

When it comes to your loved ones, it is best to rely on a professional. Our lawyers can provide detailed explanations of the different types of legal documents set out above and will advise you on which particular instruments best suit your individual legal needs.

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